Arnaud Brihay is a Belgian-French artist. Originally from Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium, he moved to Lyon and currently lives and works in Avignon, France. He studied photojournalism and audio-visual communication at I.H.E.C.S. Brussels. Arnaud Brihay principally works with photography, video, mixing often these media to art installations. His photographic work reflects his frequent travels and trips around the world, wanderer catching loneliness, strangeness or intimate scenes which he gently violates. On the other hand, he produces videos approaching, among others, either instinctive sensuality, intriguing portraits and moving sequences extending his photography work.

Member of Collectif Parallèle
Member of Trouble Collectif

– Atelier-galerie L’Abat-Jour, France
Larnoline Contemporary Art Gallery, France

Latest News

Recent & upcoming exhibitions & news:

FRANCE , Nov-Dec 2023, group exhibition with Alexandra de Laminne, Valérie Sarrouy and Dolores Marat, Art Center Le Petit Paradis, Avignon.

FRANCE , May 2019 to present, extraordinary common performance: « Initiation to fatherhood », Act I: Diaper Dexterity/ Act II: Lullabies and Laughter/ Act III: Toy Taming Extravaganza. Home and art studio, Lyon & Avignon


    Recent solo exhibitions:

    FRANCE, April 2019. « Passager » at Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs, Salle Capitulaire Cour Mably, Bordeaux

    FRANCE, Sept-Nov 2018 «SOLO SHOW: « Passager »», L’Abat-Jour Art Center, Lyon. Curated by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy. (in parallel with the launch of the book « Passager », OHM Editions.)

    FRANCE , From on my road Official program of Lyon Septembre de la Photographie. Curated by Laure Abouaf. L’Abat-Jour, Lyon

    FRANCE , « Barbarie » by Tallec&Brihay, in Résonance of the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Art-Tripping, Lyon.

    FRANCE , Jeu d’Intimité, Arles Voies Off, Larnoline, Sauve.

    FRANCE, Résonance of Biennial of Contemporary Art Lyon video « _so obvious » & photography « Privacy IV: Labour », Lyon, September-October

    FRANCE, “US Today and after » 9Ph Photography Biennial 2010 (Lyon Septembre de la Photographie, Galerie Caroline Vachet

    FRANCE , “Privacy, from private intimacy to urban intimacies” photography and installations, Quai des Arts, Les Subsistances, Lyon, March-May

    FRANCE , “happiness_and_Bliss v1.0”
    neon and video installation, Galerie Caroline Vachet, Lyon, December

    FRANCE, “Wandering Around”, photography
    in Résonance of the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Galerie Caroline Vachet & Galerie Atelier Ooblik, Lyon, September-November

    Recent group exhibitions:

    FRANCE , Nov-Dec 2019 Une idée d’une collection I, Gallery Vachet-Delmas, Sauve


    BELGIUM, April 2019. « Passager » at Exposition 60/60, IHECS, La Cambre, Bruxelles

    RUSSIA, March 2019 «Now&After», Moscow (Night Interiors, by Trouble Collectif, curated by Marina Fomenko)

    FRANCE, Sept 2018. « Collisions » at LE BAL, Paris, with the Fuseum van de Motografie

    MEXICO, August 2018. « Intérieurs Nuits » by Trouble Collectif at CODEC Experimental Film Festival, Mexico.

    FRANCE, July 2018 «Intanité». Live-performance by Trouble Collectif, Gallery L’Abat-Jour, LYON.

    FRANCE, July 2018 «Interieurs Nuit». Video-performance by Trouble Collectif, La Nuit de la Roquette, Les Rencontres Internationale de la Photographie, ARLES.

    FRANCE, July 2018 «La Fusée de la Motographie va à Arles». Photography installation of 100 Belgian photography artists curated by Vincen Beeckman, Les Rencontres Internationale de la Photographie, ARLES.

    USA/BELGIUM/SPAIN/BRASIL/CUBA, June 2018 «Under the Subway Video Art Night». A selection of 27 artists of more than 350 will be featured simultaneously at the five partner institutions JCC HARLEM (New York), Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània (Valencia, Spain), Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke, Belgium), Taller Gorria Gallery (Havana, Cuba) and Cervantes Institute (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Curated by Antonio Ortuño

    FRANCE, March-April 2018 «CORRESPONDANCES PARALLELES. Exposition collective du Collectif Parallèle», AC Gallery Domus, Lyon. (Here & There)

    FRANCE, January 2018 «.INTERLUDE. Exposition collective narrative et sonore», with Melania Avanzato, Lise Dua, Bérangère Fromont, Thaïva Ouaki & Nabil Tazi. Galerie L’Abat-Jour, Lyon. (Hotel Intimacy, curated by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy)

    RUSSIA, February 2018 «Now&After», Moscow (Les Archers, curated by Marina Fomenko)

    FRANCE, March-April 2018 «Correspondance Parallèle. Exposition collective du Collectif Parallèle», AC Gallery Domus, Lyon. (Here & There)

    GREECE, « Granica Grenze » with VIDEO ART MIDEN, exhibited at The Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art in the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki. Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou, December.

    CHINA, « That wasn’t a dream » with 100×100=900 project, exhibited at Lishui Photography Festival . Curated by Enrico Tomaselli, November.

    BELGIUM, « PASSAGER », presented at Biennale de photographie en Condroz. Curated by Jean-François Flamey & Xavier Istasse., August.

    MOSCOW, « Still Laps – Video Art », guest curated program at International Video Art Festival Now&After, at CCI Fabrika, RUSSIA, July.

    CANARIAS Islands: The world is not enough . Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou MIDEN. December, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, SPAIN

    FRANCE , STILL LAPS Video Art nights during Fête des Lumières. December 2016, at gallery L’Abat Jour, Lyon.

    FRANCE , Préférence Photographie #1: Table-ronde avec les photographes lyonnais Arièle Bonzon, Arnaud Brihay et Gilles Verneret. ENS Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

    MOSCOW, October-November 2016 « Still Laps – Video Art », guest curated program at International Video Art Festival Now&After, RUSSIA.

    UNITED STATES: Kenosis in the Supervoid Co-Curated by Shane Harrington and Leah Oates. Artists: Michael Anderson, Brent Birnbaum, George Bolster, Arnaud Brihay, Klay-James Enos, Shane Harrington, Lee Ranaldo and Tim Maxwell. Station Independent Projects, NEW YORK.


    ITALY, « If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler » project around Italo Calvino, GC.AC di Monfalcone. Curated by Giorgia Gastaldon

    SPAIN, Cel·AV|Vídeo a Konvent, Centre d’Art Contemporani de la Catalunya. Curated by Antonio Clavijo Victori – Primo Gabbiano

    FRANCE, Jeu d’Intimité, Arles Voies Off, Larnoline, Sauve.

    RUSSIA, MOSCOW ART COMMUNITIES PROJECT, Museum of Moscow, curated by Marina Fomenko

    PORTUGAL, Pop it Up! EXPOSIÇÃO DE VIDEO ART. Curated by Valerie Dvorakova.

    ITALY, VisualContainerTV. Curated by Marina Fomenko.

    FRANCE, BARBARIE, Lyon. (exhibition with Marc Tallec, curated by Laure Abouaf)

    PORTUGAL, Festival NAA.

    USA, TIME is Love, TAM Torrance Art Museum. Curated by Kisito Assangni & Max Presneill.

    BULGARIA, VIDEOHOLICA 2014. (Artist talk at Contemporary Space, Varna)

    GREECE, VideoArt Festival MIDEN, Kamalata. (curated by Gioula Papadopoulou)

    USA Under the Subway Video Art Night, Local Project Art Center, New York. (Granica-Grenze, curated by Antonio Ortuño)

    SWEDEN, AIVA International Video Art Festival, Finspång. (Granica-Grenze, curated by Anders Weberg)

    FRANCE, Mur SANS TITRE, Lyon. (free photography on urban walls)

    RUSSIA, «Now&After» Memory Migration, State Museum of GULAG, Moscow. (Granica-Grenze, curated by Marina Fomenko)

    INTERNATIONALTIME is Love Screening – international video art program, London, Paris, Seoul, Kharkiw. (That wasn’t a dream, curated by Kisito Assangni)

    USA, Imagined Histories, Krowswork Gallery, Oakland, California.

    INTERNATIONAL, 100×100=900 (100 videoartists to tell a century), « 1959 »
    curated by Enrico Tomaselli
    Global project for 50th anniversary of video art

    FRANCE, Résonance of Biennial of Contemporary Art Lyon video « Dubai Split » & photography « Dead-end to desert », Art Tripping & L’Epicerie Moderne, Lyon, November

    VIDEOHOLICA FESTIVAL, Official selection, Varna.(Life freezing & Dubai Split, curated by Pavlina Mladenova)

    (VIDEOFORMES FESTIVAL, Clermont-Ferrand, March.

    ITALY, SAVE THE BEAUTY, installation print, Museo Pino Pascali – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Taranto, March.

    BELGIUM, “Être à la mauvaise place”, video, Brussels is ndrgrnd, Peruwelz, March.

    GERMANY, 3rd RUHR BIENNIAL, GERMANY. Curated by Herbert Schero

    BELGIUM, « Kaleïdoscopia », photography, DCA Gallery, Brussels, July-September.

    FRANCE, « Appartment exhibition » by Galerie Sandra Nakicen with Arnaud Brihay, France Dubois, Ludovic Paquelier, Géraldine Pastor Lloret, Pascal Poulain, Sebastien Redon Levigne, Marc Tallec. Lyon.

    NEW CALEDONIA, « No (B)orders #001 », video installation, Galerie Lec Lec Tic, Nouméa – April.

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, “THE STATE: Domination, Hegemony and The Panopticon”, video installation. TRAFFIC Art Center, curated by Rami Farook, Dubai, February.

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, “THE STATE: The Coming Insurrection”, video. TRAFFIC Art Center, curated by Rami Farook, Dubai, November.

    FRANCE, « RE-PRODUCTION », Cité Internationale, Galerie Sandra Nakicen, Lyon.

    FRANCE, “Salon d’Art Contemporain de l’Europe des 27” photography, Paris, March.

    BELGIUM, “brussels is underground meets la providence all stars”, photography installation and video, Charleroi, October.

    photography, Rhone-Alpes Pavilion, Xuhui Museum of Art, Shanghai, August.

    BELGIUM, “Summer Time”, photography, Galerie Caroline Vachet, Brussels, April.

    FRANCE, “Rouge!” with the Collective 1Instant, Polaroid, Galerie Le Bocal , Lyon, March.

    BELGIUM, “Group Show”, photography, IESA Brussels, Galerie Caroline Vachet, Brussels, April.

    BELGIUM, “La Maison Blanche” photography, Maison de la Culture Jupille, November.


    FRANCE, Cutlog Art Fair, off FIAC, Paris, November.